Why August 2014 Is The #SummerOfScifi!

During the month of August 2014,  the fine folks at Wildseed Studios and Sci-Fi London are conducting their #Summer Of Sci-Fi online short film festival.

Here's the scoop:

Each Thursday in August, Wildseed Studios and Sci-Fi London will showcase four sci-fi short films on their YouTube channel they deem the best of projects submitted.

As a sci-fi and genre fan,  you will be able to enjoy unique and exciting short films created by some of most innovative independent filmmakers on the scene - FOR FREE!

The promoters just ask that you:

  • Subscribe to the #Summer of Sci-fi YouTube Channel
  • Like the short films you enjoy
  • Leave a comment on films you liked for the festival promoters and filmmakers
  • Help spread the word by sharing the shorts you enjoyed using the hashtag #SummerOfSciFi on social media

This short video explains more about the #Summer Of Sci-Fi initiative ...

We applaud Wildseed Studios and Sci-Fi London for their vision in providing such a dynamic platform for independent filmmakers to display their work.

It truly is a win-win scenario for all involved -  as a genre fan, you are introduced to intriguing sci-fi stories told by exciting filmmakers, and the creatives gain much needed exposure to a larger audience.

The summer of sci-fi has indeed arrived, so what are you waiting for?  Worlds fantastic await you!!


Rod T. Faulkner

Founder, The 7th Matrix

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