Drone - A Web Series Of War, Robotics And Conspiracy

Imagine a not-too-distant future where wars are fought by humanoid drones.

These drones are stronger, faster, and deadlier than human soldiers. They are designed to obey without question.  

So what happens when one turns rogue?

The four-part science fiction web series Dr0ne follows the exploits of one renegade robot, and the shadowy agency set out to capture it before a dark secret is revealed.

This thrilling series features cinematography, visual effects, set designs, and high-octane action scenes comparable in quality to many big budget action films. The script is fairly compelling.

The main cast features magnetic actor (and a series co-producer) Lance Reddick - best known for his roles on The Wire, Lost, and most recently as Agent Phillip Broyles on the scifi series Fringe.

Here is the official trailer for Dr0ne

Next is a behind the scenes featurette:

And presented below is the first complete episode:

Dr0ne is extremely entertaining and well produced.  To see the complete series, visit its exclusive home on the YouTube channel YOMYOMF


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