Heroes Of The North - The Exciting Chronicles Of A Canadian Superteam

Heroes Of The North (HOTN) is an ambitious, action-adventure, transmedia series about an alternate universe where a volatile team of superheros is charged with protecting the posterity of Canada.

Beginning with World War II, the Canadian government sanctions Section 8,  a black ops project designed to create a super soldier.  After over a hundred failed attempts, the experiment succeeds. 

Charles Alfred Newman, code named The Canadian Shield, becomes Canada's analog to  Captain America in the United States. Leading an elite special forces group, he proceeds to wage a guerilla war against Nazi forces in the heart of Germany.

Thus Canada's age of superheroes begins.

Flash forward to the present day. The Canadian Defense Organization (CDO) has been created to be the government agency responsible for recruiting superheroes to defend the country against Medusa - a terrorist organization created and led by the mysteriously reinvigorated Nazi scientist Josef Mengele!

 HOTN wastes no time in grabbing you by the nape of the neck, and dragging you hip deep into explosive action and intrigue.  

What makes the web series so outstanding is the mythology of the world has been developed to the nth degree.    

Both the heroes and villains have been given compelling backstories. The scripts, acting, cinematography, and effects are of extraordinary quality.  It's clearly evident  a lot of passion, blood and sweat went into the production.

Another aspect of the series that stands out is the costuming.  

The producers wisely abandoned dressing the cast in ridiculous looking lycra or spandex. Instead they commissioned costumes made from high quality latex.  

The effect on film is the characters look sensational.  It seems as though they literally walked off the pages of a comic book into reality.

So, you may be wondering why is this project labeled a "transmedia" series.

Well, the scope of the production is pretty grand.  There is the 20-episode live-action web series, which comprises the first season.

You can choose to only watch the web series, or further immerse yourself in this world by exploring numerous ancillary stories told in various other media including:

  • print comic books
  • novelizations
  • character spec sheets
  • character diaries
  • In-universe websites
  • photo-novels

Whew! That's a lot of content - and if you choose to explore the universe of HOTN, you will be rewarded with a rich, fully realized world. 

Kudos to creators Christian Viel  and Anderson Bradshaw for bringing their epic vision to life.  After viewing the web series and a portion of the supplementary materials, it's astonishing to realize HOTN is independently produced.

Definitely check out this envelope-pushing, boundary blurring project.  

To get a taste of this terrific series, watch The Canadian Shield origin episode:

To view the web series in its entirety, and to find out more about the project, please visit the gorgeous official web site:  


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